BGVA Nuneaton and Bedworth

6th General Meeting Minutes

British Gurkha Veteran Association (Nuneaton and Bedworth) Committee General Meeting held in New Town Hall, Nuneaton at 0900 hrs on Monday 11th August 2014.  All together there were more than 90 members who attended the meeting. Secretary (BGVA) Mr Robin Rai opened the meeting at 0900 hrs and the meeting lasted until 1145 hrs. During the meeting the following points were discussed:

  1. Opening:
  • The Secretary welcomed all to the meeting.
  • In combination with Mr Chairman, Secretary and Advisers discussed about following points with the members attended.


  1.  Teej :
  • BGVA wives discussed about celebrating  Teej on 26th Aug 14. - All agreed
  • Wives decided to raise the money as a donation to the flood victims that occurred in the Eastern part of Nepal. - All agreed


  1. Dashain:
  • All agreed to celebrate Dashain on 28th Sept 14 at Co-op(£50 has been deposited).
  • Children Talent show is taking place on the night.
  • Food: boneless meat chicken, lamb, rice, achhar, papad, salad, Vegetable and dal.
  • Ticket Price: Members Adult/Child £12/£6, Vegetarians £10, Guest Adult/Child £14/£7. All the participating children are free of charge.


  1. Sash:
  • Sash (Battle of honour) making was proposed and all agreed. It is for the standard barrier when we attend the parade with 20 main honour of battle name on it.


  1. G200:
  • Inaugurate Gurkha Memorial (Chautara) at Riversely Park on 28th April 2015. Decided to voluntarily donate £100 by every member and the interested Ex-Gurkha to accumulate the sum that is going to be spent on making and opening the Chautara on the name of their passed away relatives. As discussed the amount needed are as follows:-
  • £ 12,500 for Base of Chautara
  • £ 2,500 for Stone that will sit on the top
  • £ 1,265 for Book (3X books)
  • £ 3,000 for other (security, food and drink etc)


  1. Gurkha Marathon:   
  • So far so good. Good progress on health of the participant.
  • 4th phase out of 5 is ongoing.
  • On 13th Sept 14 there is Health Check up taking place at 13 Stand Chilver Cotton Primary School between 1100 hrs to 1500 hrs. Light food will be provided.


  1. Education:
  • Education on every Wednesday and Friday at VCP is going smoothly and much progress is being seen.
  • Special thanks to Mr Don Jaques, Shree Pdr Limbu, Kamal Rai and Gauri Pdr Rai for their contribution on the education class.


  1. Road Safety:
  • Re-emphasise on road safety to all the attended members.


  1. MRP:
  • So far 100 plus documentation collected and still process is ongoing.
  • Arranged and conformed that Nepalese Ambassador and his staff are coming to 4th Oct 14 evening and will work on documentation on        5th Oct 14.


  1. Web Site:
  • BGVA (Nuneaton and Bedworth) has announced of launching the proper BGVA web site from the same day though it is still under construction. The web address is as follow:


  1.  Funeral Insurance:
  • Chairman Mr Om Prakash Gurung MBE has encouraged all the members to take the insurance on funeral for future. He also gave information on price which was £10 for both husband and wife.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:
  • The Secretary thanked everyone for attending. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th November 2014 at 1100 hrs in the New Town Hall, Nuneaton and full attendance is required.

Robin Rai